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March 25th – Toxic Masculinity 

Chris will discuss the term toxic masculinity, how it’s approached in the world of Intimate Partner Violence Services, and how it negatively affects men as well as women.  


April 8th – Pre-college workshop for teens 

Olivia will present important healthy relationship tips and resources for young people entering college. The webinar will cover complex emotions, friendships, and romantic relationships. 


April 22nd – Recovering from the trauma of abuse 

Annie will host a guest speaker from DVS who will share tools and resources for recovering from the trauma of abuse, and how loved ones and professionals can support survivors. 


May 6th – Pre-college workshop for parents 

Olivia will discuss how parents and guardians can support their youth entering college and new relationships.   


May 27th – Update on DVS services 

Chris will talk about the services DVS provides, and how they may have changed since the beginning of the pandemic.  


June 10th – The basics of protection orders 

Annie will host a guest speaker from the legal advocacy department of DVS who will cover the basics of protection orders, including the process of how to get one and legal resources which can help. 


June 24th – Ending a relationship respectfully 

Olivia will focus on strategies to end relationships and friendships in ways that maintain dignity and respect. She will also cover attitudes for coping with breakups that validate feelings while respecting the boundaries of others. 


July 8th – Demoralizing Emotions 

Annie will explore the harmful ways in which our society places moral value on emotions, and how deconstructing those values can help us handle challenges in our relationships.