Fall Webinars

**All Webinars begin at 2pm

8/27 – Power and Control Wheel  

Preventionist Annie will discuss the history of the power and control wheel and how it is used to understand DV and help survivors. She will cover the 8 components of the wheel and how abusers use them to control their partners. 

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9/10 – Social Media and Relationships 

Preventionist Olivia will discuss how social media can contribute to both healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors. The presentation will also examine specific social media platforms to show how these patterns function in different settings.

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9/24 – Community Advocacy Department Discussion

Join us as we host the manager of our community advocacy department, and ask any questions that may be on your mind.

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10/8 – Stereotypes and DV 

Olivia will examine the role of stereotypes in domestic violence. She will discuss the assumptions around the stereotypical “abuser” image, as well as the way that abusers can leverage culturally accepted stereotypes to their advantage.

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10/22 – Evolving Perceptions of DV 

Annie will explore the history of how DV has been understood by the general public, academics, and social service providers. The Webinar will also explore how these understandings shaped policies and responses to DV.  

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11/5 – Unhealthy Relationships in T.V./ Movies 

Olivia will show the ways that movies and TV shows have perpetuated unhealthy relationship behaviors and often depicted them as romantic or desirable. 

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11/19 – Global Movements on VAW 

Annie will present on how various nations have addressed Violence Against Women, and highlight activists and movements that have worked to create societal and legislative change in their countries and communities.

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