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January 7th – Stereotypes in DV 

Olivia will examine the role of stereotypes in domestic violence. She will discuss the assumptions around the stereotypical “abuser” image, as well as the way that abusers can leverage culturally accepted stereotypes to their advantage. 


January 21st – History of DV 

Annie will explore the history of how DV has been understood by the general public, academics, and social service providers. The webinar will also explore how these understandings shaped policies and responses to DV.    


Feb 4th (TDVAM) – Unhealthy communication and the methods of abuse in a relationship 

Olivia will discuss the ways that poor, unhealthy, or inconsistent communication can be used as a method of control, coercion, or abuse in a relationship.  


Feb 11th (TDVAM)- Healthy communication in a relationship 

Annie will talk about various tools for healthy communication, and how good communication skills can positively affect a relationship.  


Feb 18th (TDVAM)- Talking to your teen about Teen Dating Violence  

The DVS prevention team will discuss ways to communicate the importance of safety, red flags, and healthy relationships to teens who are entering into dating relationships.  


Feb 25th (TDVAM)- How media communicates relationships to teens 

Olivia will show the ways that songs, movies, TV shows, and other elements of pop culture have perpetuated unhealthy relationship behaviors and often depicted them as romantic or desirable.   


March 11th – Helping Youth respond to difficult emotions 

Annie will explore difficult emotions commonly felt by youth in relationships, including jealousy, anger, anxiety, and fear, and how you can support teens respond to these feelings in appropriate and healthy ways. 


March 25th – Toxic Masculinity 

Chris will discuss the term toxic masculinity, how it’s approached in the world of Intimate Partner Violence Services, and how it negatively affects men as well as women.