Donate A Cell Phone

Used cell phone donations

Cell phones with no service can be used to access 911.  Phones that are donated with chargers, and are chargeable, are given to victims who need them for safety reasons.  Other phones and those that are older are sold to recyclers to help support the organizations services and programs.  Cellphones are wiped by a reputable company.  Tax ID# 91-0982722

Cell phones may be dropped off at:

  • Everett:
    • Carl Gipson Senior Activity Center | 3025 Lombard Ave |  425-257-8780
      • (temporarily closed due to COVID-19)
    • New & Again Thrift Shoppe | 3010 Grand Ave |   425-258-4428
    • United Way of SnoCo | 3120 McDougall Ave., Suite 200 | 425-374-5500
      • Open Mondays (please call 425-374-5522 before arriving)
    • Domestic Violence Services Administrative Center | 425-259-2827, ext. 1013
  • Brier
    • Brier Police Department | 2901 – 228th St SW | 425-775-5452
  • Mountlake Terrace:
    • Mountlake Terrace Police Department | 5906 – 232nd St. SW | 425-670-8260
  • Stanwood
    • Stanwood Senior Center | 7430 – 276th St NE | 360-629-7403
      • (temporarily closed due to COVID-19)

Questions? Contact Emma Leedy at 425-259-2827 x1013

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Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County
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