2023 Holiday Wish List (new and unwrapped gifts)

To help those we serve, and their children feel empowered, please consider donating gift certificates/cards in lieu of gifts. Gift cards to Old Navy, Fred Meyer, Target, etc. are some suggestions.

Deadline is December 8, 2023. Donations are accepted at the New & Again Thrift Shoppe (6932 Evergreen Way, Everett WA 98203) Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm and Saturday from 10am-2pm. We are unable to accept toys and other gifts that are violent in nature.

Please contact Lauren Stiger at 425-259-2827 ext. 1013 or email lauren@dvs-snoco.org for further information.

Below you will find multiple wish lists for our clients!

In our commitment to equity and celebrating diversity, it is important to have toys, books, dolls, makeup, hair products, etc. reflecting the diversity of our clients and their children. Please consider purchasing gifts listed below with an asterisk to make the season bright for all.

Shelter Women’s Wishes:

  • *Makeup Tones (Deep, Rich, Tan and Olive)
  • *Kinky Straight Pony Tails and Afro Puff Pony Tails (Colors: 1B, 1, 2, 4)
  • Silk/Satin Hair Wrap Scarves
  • Bath sets, lotion, etc.
  • Natural Hair Care Product Gift Sets: Cantu, Shea Moisture
  • Blow dryers, flat and curling irons
  • Perfume
  • Jewelry
  • Journals, Adult coloring books, colored pencils, market sets
  • DVD player/DVD’s (non-violent)
  • New clothing, scarfs, jackets
  • Robes/slippers
  • Face Masks
  • Planners
  • Underwear (Sizes: Small to 2X)
  • Sports Bras (Sizes: Small to 2X)

For All Ages:

  • *Books, games, and activities that reflect other winter celebrations/holidays
  • *Dolls/Toys/Books reflecting diverse families: Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, Multicultural, and LGBTQ+

Teen/children’s Wishes Age 12 and up:

  • New socks (male/female)
  • Warm winter jackets (male/female)
  • New underwear- male and female- boxer briefs/panties
  • Slippers/Tennis Shoes - boys and girls
  • Snuggie Blankets
  • Gift cards: Old Navy, Target, Movie Tickets
  • Craft/Art projects or kits
  • Activity books
  • Lava lamps
  • Moon lamps
  • Phone chargers/portable
  • Headphones
  • Graphic t-shirts- Boys and Girls (non-violent)
  • Teen Hoodies- Boys and Girls
  • Basketball, soccer ball, football- nerf balls
  • Mini Basketball Hoop for doors
  • Makeup mirrors
  • Drawing Anime books
  • Skateboards/protective gear
  • Helmets
  • Journals/teen coloring books/sketch pads
  • Marker sets/colored pencils
  • Earbuds/Headphones

Younger Children’s Wishes Ages 3-11 Years Old:

  • *Dolls/Toys reflecting diversity
  • Board games
  • Blocks
  • Train sets
  • Sensory toys (rainmakers, liquid motion bubbler, fidget spinners)
  • Coloring books/Art sets
  • Books (picture and chapter)
  • Educational Toys
  • Fisher Price Toys
  • Legos (for ages 7 and up)
  • Little Tykes Toys (trucks, cars, Fire trucks, etc.)
  • Basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, nerf balls
  • Scooters/helmet
  • Bicycles/protective gear/helmets
  • Skateboard/protective gear/helmets
  • Outdoor toys
  • Slippers – boys and girls
  • Tennis shoes - boys and girls
  • New socks and underwear – boys and girls
  • Warm jackets for ages 5-11

Babies and Toddler Wishes 0- 3 Years Old:

  • Clothing (0 -3 years) - Onesies, bibs
  • Baby monitors
  • Baby toys
  • Strollers – double, single, umbrella style
  • Educational Toys (letters, sounds, flash cards etc.)
  • Fisher Price Toys
  • Little Tykes Toys
  • Tricycles and Balance Bikes
  • New Baby/toddler books
  • Baby front packs/front carriers
  • Activity mats
  • Bath toys/ Baby bath towel sets
  • Fleecy baby blankets, receiving blankets
  • Diaper Bags

Supportive Housing Women’s Wishes: 

  • Comforters and blankets
  • Towel sets (any colors)
  • Twin/full size sheet sets
  • Coffee pot
  • Rice Cooker/Insta Pot/Crock Pot
  • Blender
  • Microwave Oven
  • Cookware/utensil sets/dish sets/silverware sets
  • Blow dryers, flat and curling irons
  • Journals
  • Adult coloring books
  • DVD player/DVD’s (non-violent)
  • Scarves and jackets
  • Robes/slippers
  • New socks/underwear
  • Starter cleaning kits - broom, mop, dust pan, etc.