Elder Abuse Advocacy

Elder abuse or abuse later in life, is a common yet underreported issue. Our elder abuse advocate works with seniors who are experiencing intimate partner abuse.

Our Advocate Can

  • Assess your safety, needs, and wellbeing
  • Discuss options for services/next steps
  • Develop a safety plan
  • Connect you with community resources
  • Offer one on one support and work at building a support team.
  • Help to lower ageist barriers you may face when seeking help and trying to access safety.
  • We can provide some assistance to those in non-intimate partner abuse, but it is limited to safety planning and giving referrals to outside agencies.

To get connected with our elder abuse advocate,

call our support line at 425-252-2873


If you reach our voicemail, please leave your name, number, and whether it is safe to call you back. Expect a call back from a restricted number.

Other Resources

Adult Protective Services:


Call: 1-877-734-6277


Homage Senior Services


Call: (425)-355-1112


Long Term Care Ombudsman Snohomish County


Call: 1-800-562-6028