Checklist For Important Items

These are the important items you should have with you when you decide to leave. Some of them can be kept somewhere other than at home. A person you trust could keep some of these items for you, or you could keep them at your workplace.

  • Money
  • Clothes and toiletries for a few nights
  • Medications for you and your children
  • Phone charger
  • Credit card & bank account information
  • Passwords and PINs to accounts
  • Car and house keys
  • Identification – driver’s license, passports, etc.
  • Important paperwork and extra copies:
    • Birth certificates for you and your children
    • Marriage license
    • Social security cards for you and your children
    • Your work-related items
    • Tax returns for at least the past two years and other tax documents
    • Immigration documents
    • Insurance information
    • Lease agreement
    • Mortgage papers
    • Vehicle title
    • Credit reports
    • Retirement plan documents
    • Divorce or other family law paperwork
    • Photos of valuable family assets to prove condition and existence (car, home)
    • Photos of apartment or rented home in case abuser damages it after you leave
    • Prescriptions for you and your children
    • Medical records for you and your children
    • Protection order or no-contact order
    • Police reports and case numbers
    • Other evidence of abuse
  • Phone numbers
    • Your local domestic violence agency (425-252-2873 for Snohomish County)
    • Any advocate you or your family has been working with
    • Lawyers
    • Legal aid
    • Children’s schools
    • Your doctor’s office
    • Other emergency contacts
  • For your children
    • Snacks & toys for comfort
    • Clothes
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